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Hello! My name is David Lewis and I am a digital artist specializing in visual effects. Welcome to my online portfolio. Here you will find selections from my work in capacities as both student and professional. The Reel & Resume section showcases my demo reel and links to download my resumé and reel breakdown sheet. The SCAD section features coursework from my MFA degree in Visual Effects at Savannah College of Art and Design organized by course. The Professional section contains my work as a graphic designer and art director. The Personal section features personal work produced in my off-time; exploring my visual and expressive paradigm.

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07.10.12 ------------------------
Finally, the full length trailer for Rise of the Guardians is out in the wild! I've been working on this show for over a year and every moment of it has been a thrill. This is going to be a huge gamechanger and is easily going to be one of the best animated movies ever, all bias aside! Both trailers can be found on Apple's trailer site or on Youtube: Trailer 2 and Trailer 1.

01.25.12 ------------------------
Another really long stretch of not touching the site. No bueno. Can you tell things have been busy? Well all that hard work has paid off...not one but TWO of DreamWorks' films have been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Kung Fu Panda 2 joins the sweat of my own brow, Puss in Boots, for honors this year. Congratulations to all the gang at DW! If you haven't seen one or the other yet shame on you! KFP2 has already hit stores and PIB will drop sometime in the spring, keep your eyes peeled!

05.14.11 ------------------------
It's been a long time without any updates, I've been extremely busy. I would think it's official enough now that I can spread the word: I've accepted a position at Dreamworks Animation as a Lighting Technical Assistant; finally hit the big time! That will be taking up the lion's share of my time but I hope to still make updates here and on my thesis blog when I can. I still have some projects to add from my last quarter or two at SCAD so more work should be up soon. Check back!

11.26.10 ------------------------
I've finally added content to the Professional section. For now it is only my work as a Director of Photography at Summit Racing Equipment, more will follow as time allows. Please note: All images in the Summit section are owned and copyrighted by Summit Racing Equipment and are used here with permission.

11.02.10 ------------------------
I've decided to do away with the semi-transparent, scroll-behind header for the site. Though it looked cool it took alot of messy CSS to achieve and ended up causing cross-browser compatibility problems. If all of my changes are correct the site should now look the same across all browsers, even older ones. I've also added small versions of the section links to the footer of the page for easy access. I may have missed an edit here or there so if you notice anything strange please drop me a line.

10.23.2010 ------------------------
I've swapped the whole site over to the HighSlide viewer now for easier browsing. Instead of opening in new windows, images will now expand in the current page using the HS viewer. It is a java-based viewer so to get the full effect you will need to have Java enabled. If you don't it should still fall back to its old functionality. Movies will remain the same for now as they are not supported. You can open a single image by clicking on it and either click again anywhere to shrink it or use the arrow keys to flip to following or preceeding images. HighSlide is tested to perform with all modern browsers but if you experience any usability issues please be sure to let me know.

10.22.2010 ------------------------
I passed my candidacy review and am now eligible to apply for thesis submission and to finish the Masters program here at SCAD. Huzzah! For my thesis I am creating a final gather lighting tool in Maya meant to mimic the characteristics and controls of a real-world softbox. Controls for creating the tools, adjusting final gather settings, and optimizing render times will all be gathered into a single UI for accessibility. Now to develop and write the damn thing.

9.28.2010 ------------------------
Recently I have begun to notice that some browser/platform combinations are having playback issues with the videos seen throughout my site. I am currently using embedded or linked .mp4s with the correct setup for internet standards however in some cases the codec or plugin will not load. If you notice any such issues please contact me with your browser and OS so I can look for patterns in the problem. Thanks!

9.26.2010 ------------------------
A couple of friends have told me that the Sunbeam project has now also been made into a SCAD Bus supergraphic and is featured in this school-year's SCAD Academic Catalog. Say whaaaa? I have yet to see either but I will be sure to update with pictures if I can manage to find them.

8.5.2010 ------------------------
My 1957 Sunbeam S7 500 piece is featured in the July 2010 issues of Computer Graphics World and Post Magazine! These are the same issues handed out by COP Communications at Siggraph 2010. It can be found in the Education Special insert. The print came out a little too dark but hey, it's still fantastic to be given the recognition and press!